Photo Credit: Miushan – ” Standing tall in doing all we can to ensure your safety”

Due to the rapid spread of COVID-19 across the globe,  Maldives has taken extensive measures to ensure safety of Tourists and Employees alike and have put restrictive measures for all Tourists from following countries;

All passengers and crew with travel history to the following countries or regions within the last 14 days will not be allowed to enter or to transit through the Maldives as per below effective dates:

– Mainland China, effective 04th February 2020
– Iran, effective 26th February 2020
– South Korean regions of North Gyeongsang Province and South Gyeongsang Province effective 03rd March 2020
– ltaly, effective 08th March 2020
– Bangladesh, effective from 10th March 2020 to 24th March 2020
– Spain, effective from 15th March 2020
– Ile-de-France and Grand Est, of France effective from 15th March 2020
– Bavaria, North Rhine Westphalia and Baden-Wuerttemberg regions of Germany, effective from 15th March 2020
– Malaysia, effective from 17th March 2020
– United Kingdom, effective from 19th March 2020

Maldives Health Protection Agency also has banned island excursions as well as all travel between one resort to another. However, this ban does not affect any tourist who is arriving on an international flight to Velana International Airport and going directly to a resort.

Travelers who wish to experience Maldives on a budget are affected the most, as all Guesthouses and City Hotels remain closed for two weeks from 17th March 2020.

For those visiting from countries than are not on the ban list, expect to go through extra screening measures in place once you arrive in Maldives. Thermal screening cameras has been installed in the airports and you will also be required to fill a health declaration form.

Most of the country’s 150 plus resorts are operating and all of them are willing to move the bookings while over 90% of the resorts are offering free cancellation for those that are affected by COVID-19.

So if you already booked your stay, don’t worry as you will still be able to visit Paradise once the Pandemic is over and for those who wish to book Maldives in future, this is a golden opportunity to get incredible discounts as the resorts are slashing their prices.

We wish you safe health and safe travels!