Amilla Fushi is one of the few resorts in the Maldives that sets exciting new trends and raises the bar a bit more every year and 2020 is no exception for this trendsetting luxury island.

After the resort temporarily paused operations due to the corona virus pandemic, they have seized the opportunity of this hiatus to make exciting improvements and innovations with an enhanced hygiene plan.

Here we look at a few of the amazing ongoing and completed initiatives at Amilla Fushi.


Amilla Fushi has unveiled a new scheme that allows guests the incredible opportunity to purchase a Residence at Amilla. The Residences will be sold on a sub-lease basis and are an appealing option for frequent visitors to the Maldives. This scheme allows owners to earn income on the Residences by opening to the resort guests during their absence.


To adapt to the new priorities of their guests, Amilla Fushi will include more consciousness on building/maintaining immunity through food and wellness practices that help reduce cortisol, such as mindfulness. Amilla Fushi will also be meeting the aniticipated demand for anti-inflammatory foods, pure and natural ingredients produced on the island.


The main bar at Amilla Fushi will be change to a wellness café with a chilled-out vibe. The Wellness Bar will focus on healthy salads, wraps and cold dishes alongside Joe’s Pizza.

The previous Fish & Chips is now the location of the new Bar. This enables guests to enjoy a sundowner on a prime spot on the beach.

A new restaurant, “Nanu” will be unveiled at the Emperor Beach Club which will serve guests quality seafood.

The mystique Garden has been developed to offer an earth oven and traditional Maldivian coconut grill. The guests can also indulge themselves in authentic Maldivian weaving the weaving center.


Amilla Fushi have devised a comprehensive strategy to embrace the “the new normal”. The spacious size of the island and low room density is an advantage for social distance goals – space to play! The resort will offer an experience that inspires confidence – from marketing to the booking process, right through to daily operations.

More investment in cleanliness, hygiene training and certification will be done including a rigorous new hygiene program with daily audits overseen by a Hygiene Manager. Deeper and more regular cleaning of Villas

Buffets will be removed to reduce risk of cross-contamination and make social distancing easier. The restaurant capacity will be reduced increasing the distance between tables.


An all new hydroponic mushroom hut is shaping up nicely which the resort has called “The Pentagon”. This initiative will provide fresh organic mushrooms for all guests. The resort has also created an Aquaponics Area featuring a fishpond, which is merged with the Pentagon.

The Eco Centre has a new composter which will help re-use the kitchen waste. Another addition is the coconut production area with a coconut oil machine which allows the resort to make their own virgin coconut oil for cooking, spa products and more.

The resort is also working on other exciting changes like Private Gym Pods, Outdoor jungle gymnasium and more wellness-based menus focused on local home-grown fruits and vegetables.

Amilla Fushi have also added new jetlag-busting welcome amenities for the guests to help them relax into the island life.

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