5 Extreme Fun in the Sun

Our lifestyle has tied us to our smartphones and desks, which is why when on vacation everyone needs their much-needed dose of Adrenaline. Maldives is no exception when it comes to offering you EXTREME FUN in the SUN.

Here are 5 activities you can try in the Maldives to get your Adrenaline rushing.


Flyboarding at Sunset
Fly Boarding

Flyboards are more like snowboards with pressurized streams of water that launch them into the air. Even if you are new to flyboarding, it will be easy to get the hang of it with the help of the instructors who will be with you every second of the way.

Once you are fully equipped to Flyboard, your instructor will join you on the Jet Ski. You have to swim a bit further away from the Jet Ski and stand up while in the water with the board directly under you. Keep your feet balanced and let the pressure of the water soar you high above deep blue ocean of the Maldives.

You can perform various freestyle kicks depending on how adventurous you dare to be.


Sky Diving in one of the Southern Atolls
Sky Diving

Skydiving is parachuting from an airplane for fun. It includes free falling through the air before the parachute opens and takes you along with the wind to your drop zone. You can enjoy it individually or with a group of friends.

You can dive from 13,000 ft above the spellbinding islands of the Maldives. Imagine the feeling of clear crisp air on your face while you enjoy the scenic beauty below you. Your dropzone could also be the idyllic white sandy beach of the resort you are staying at depending on your stay. You can also film this once in a lifetime experience with your Go-Pro.


Parasailing in the Sun

Parasailing will be high up on the list of most exciting sports for the thrill seekers. But in this sport you do not dive into the air, you race through the air.

ou will feel the sun on your skin and the wind in your hair while you take in the ariel view beneath you. While you are enjoying the scenic beauty, might also be lucky enough to be greeted by a playful dolphin or an aquatic fish.

The sport does not take any effort from you and requires no training. An expert team is present at all times to assist you, from helping you with your kit to briefing you on the safety procedure. If you are a first timer, you can even have an expert accompany you in the air.

 It is a thrill of a lifetime which you can enjoy with a partner or just by your daring self. Each resort in the Maldives offers a captivating birds eye view and experience unique to it. There is no wrong time to plan the thrill-seeking in the Maldives as it is summer all year round.


Kite Surfing in the Maldives
Kite Surfing

Maldives is perfect for kitesurfing with its calm azure waters and mesmerizing views. The atmosphere is perfect, with warm temperature all-year round. Imagine smoothly sailing on the Indian Ocean, with a kiteboard under your feet across the secluded islands. Beginners and those looking to improve their kitesurfing skills will really enjoy perfect kite conditions on the lagoons.

Sliding on the incredibly turquoise and transparent lagoons of Maldives is an absolute pleasure. If it is your lucky day, you will be able to see many fishes and even stingrays passing by as you slalom.


Wakeboarding in the Maldives
Wake boarding

Wake boarding is one of the fun ways to take to the water. It can also be a little scary at first, but once you have picked up the basics, its easy to and a fun sport to try.

Imagine standing on a small board while a powerboat pulls you gently through the tropical waters of the Maldives. The relaxing ride quickly changing into an elated experience with you holding the rope handle and swiftly turning into the wake of the boat, flipping 20 feet into the air and landing back in the water.

You can also try  some new tricks while you are bumping into the waves of the Maldives.

While the above are our top picks for thrill seekers, those are not the only options available in the Maldives.